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a clean slate 

a single moment


don't feed the bad wolf

wanderlust: paris, je t'aime

tradeoffs: why the grass isn't greener

the lost art of focus


before she wakes: city v. suburbs

best laid plans

all that glitters

making lemonade 

cottage life

7 life lessons on the cusp of 40

water under the bridge

bruised, not broken

be infectious

pay it forward

works in progress 

filling in the blanks

is your destiny set in stone? 

spreading happiness

pure expression

deserve a break? 

be there when you're there

delicious ambiguity

photography lessons with the blind

the spark: a portrait of passion

in the details

how much longer?

a gift around the corner

the center holds

the first day and the last


happy pants

the beauty of a second

the glow

the grand scheme

pin, meet balloon. 

cabrini pink

meaning of grace

selling crazy

don't forget the dream

pocket full of rainbows

look at the donut, not the hole


the spark: a portrait of passion

yin and yang: portrait of dominic 

keeping it real: portrait of christine 

she cried: a portrait of me 

a single moment: portrait of joseph

learning how to see: portrait of audia

finding your inner zen: portrait of domingo 

pushing through: portrait of my mom 

play to the top row: portrait of dorcas

a reflection on motherhood: portrait of cecilia

the apple and the peach

the superhero: portrait of betsy



the love letter


before she wakes: city v. suburbs

hands on a miracle 

i will fix you

love and loss


the apple and the peach

what lies ahead 

when you grow up


letting go

finding stillness

the superhero: a portrait of betsy

cottage life

hitting bedrock

the xmas compromise: our beloved bi-polar tree 

wet-nosed, tail-wagging love

MOOOOOMMM! ...yep, that's me